Justice in Bahrain...so/so

So Mr Kawari has been acquitted.
First he is humiliated, imprisoned and abused... then he is aquitted.
Hurray to justice in the magical kingdom of Bahrain. Way to go my country.
Here's what appeared in today's GDN about the case:

" Worker acquitted
MANAMA: A former government employee, accused of being in possession of official documents without authorisation, was acquitted by the High Criminal Court yesterday for lack of evidence. Mohammed Kawari, a former General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs employee, claimed he was handed some documents which he assumed were for him, which was why he kept them in his possession. He also denied they were confidential documents. "
Shouldn't this man be fully interviewed to get his side of the story, how many days he spent in prison, how he was treated and how he feels about the system and justice ?
The report fails to mention when he was arrested and on what grounds and the passports and naturalisation furour in parliament at the time.
Is Mr Kawari proud to be Bahraini ? Can he hold his head up high and tell his children to respect the system which abused him, dehumanised him, broke his spirit and tarnished his reputation forever ?
This isn't whining...This is lamenting a country which had all the ingredients to continue to be an oasis in the middle of an arid desert...but has instead become a burial ground for its own people.