Bahraini Police...What Exactly Are They Busy With?

Here is a shining example of the way Bahrain's police force behaves.
I am so disgusted ... excuse me... I need to run to the bathroom.

"Policeman guilty of sex with minor
A BAHRAINI policeman has been convicted of having sex with his under-age sister-in-law.
He denied the charge, but was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail, to be suspended if he pays a BD200 fine.
The 17-year-old Iraqi girl alleged that he raped her twice after she invited him into her home while she was alone, the Lower Criminal Court heard.
She said she did not complain to police because he promised to marry her.
The girl also claimed that the defendant kicked her and beat her mother, when they went to his family home to complain, after he broke his promise of marriage.
They had already been been seeing each other and continued a relationship after the incident, said the girl.
A medical examination confirmed that she was a virgin before the alleged incident, the court heard.
"We used to meet several times at public places and go shopping together in the malls," said the girl.
"Mother went abroad to Iraq and I was alone in the house. One day the defendant came to my house to visit me and I opened the door and asked him to come in."
She said she went to her bedroom to change her clothes and the defendant came in and twice forced her into having sex.
"I tried to push him away but I could not do that. I also yelled for help, but there was no one to come to my aid," the girl told police.
She said the defendant left the house and again visited her the next day.
"Initially the defendant had sex with me by force without my consent. I told my sister about this incident later on," she said.
The girl said they continued to see each other and their relationship grew and when her mother returned, she told her what had happened. "Later on I told him that my mother knew and she agreed with the idea of our getting married," she said.
"When he heard this then he started to stay away from me and started to avoid me.
"He accused me of going out with other men and told me not to call him and to forget the idea of getting married to him.
"When my mother heard about his behaviour she was angry and took me to his house in Safra and my sister and aunt also accompanied us.
"When I went there he kicked me in the stomach and chest and I collapsed and fainted. He also beat my mother and then we called the police and filed a complaint against him. His father expelled us from the house."
The defendant denied all the allegations, saying he was asleep with he heard loud voices in his house.
"When I came out of my bedroom I saw the girl with her mother and another woman and my parents," he said.
"I asked what the matter was and they told me that the girl's mother was accusing me of having sex with the girl by force. After this the police patrol arrived and I went to the police station with them.
"The girl is the sister of the wife of my brother and I simply speak to her over the telephone and there are no sentimental relations between us.
"The girl actually wants to marry me therefore she is playing this game."