Protect Bahrainis from Brutal Police

This is another "funny" article in today's GDN:
The comments in bold are mine.

"Germany boosts security links

GERMANY is to strengthen its security co-operation with Bahrain , especially in the area of police training and civil protection, German Interior Minister Otto Schily said yesterday.
A delegation from the Bahrain Interior Ministry will visit Germany shortly to work out details, he said yesterday.
Members of the delegation would attend a few meetings, which they would understand nothing much of and spend the rest of their time drinking the much sought after German beer and chasing skirts.
Mr Schily described Bahrain as one of Germany's most reliable partners in the Gulf region.
"Bahrain is a very stable country in a region where many countries are not able to claim stability," he noted.
Unknown to Mr Schily, it is the civilians who need protection from the corrupt police and judiciary in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Mr Schily was speaking at a lunch reception hosted in his honour by German Ambassador Roland Herrmann, at his Saar residence.
The location is quite close to the Budaiya Road, which houses a large number of Bahrain's disgruntled citizens who are cocooned in poor villages, with no proper housing and services in what is sold to the rest of the world as a welfare state and a tax haven.
"I was honoured to meet Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa," he noted.
Among the issues discussed was the political significance of the forthcoming visit of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to Bahrain, on March 2.
There is no doubt Chancellor Schroeder will be so thrilled when he visits Bahrain and is taken around the palaces and the well-lit and manicured roads leading all the way to the Royal Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Spa.
Chancellor Schroeder will not know anything about the atrocities being committed against the people of Bahrain and the corruption in the judiciary and police forces.
Chancellor Schroeder will not be shown the appalling conditions Bahrainis are living in and the terror administered by the regime against the people.
Chancellor Schroeder will arrive in Bahrain and leave even more deceived and confused than when he first arrived.
Mr Schily also discussed with his Bahraini counterpart Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa issues of security co-operation between our two friendly countries.
Poor Mr Schily will meet the very Shaikh Rashid who has been appointed to clean up the rat-infested Ministry of Interior but is being kept in the dark about the atrocities being committed by his men in uniform against the civilians every day.
While Shaikh Rashid is busy shaking hands with people and smiling, his men in uniform continue to break human rights conventions and abuse people by denying them their rights.
Mr Schily said the use of modern technology in fighting crimes, strengthening civil protection and training of police including the coastguards had all come under discussion.
Civil Protection ? What civil protection: aha...I get it now. Protection of Civilians from the police, he means.
He should know... like Mr Schily cannot be that shallow.
"A special liaison office has been set up in my ministry to deal exclusively with Gulf security issues," he added.
"Former director of the European Police Authority (Europol) Jurgen Storpeck has been appointed as my special envoy for the Gulf region.
"Mr Storpeck, who headed Europol for more than 10 years, will now visit Bahrain and other Gulf countries on a regular basis to strengthen security co-operation."
Mr Schily said Germany had tightened up its security law recently and had invested heavily on the most modern equipment for the police in a bid to fight terrorism.
This doesn't sound too good..Mr Schily may be doing and saying all this with good intent but does he realise that anything any of those regimes do is directed against their very own people whom they have ZERO trust in.
When SBG visited the Pentagon, a highly senior officer told her in confidence that he was concerned about why countries in this part of the world concentrated on buying equipment and ammunition which could be used in "city wars" or in other words, weapons which could be pointed at their own people at times of civil unrest.
I am not wondering about that at all...and even if I am alarmed, there isn't anything I can do about it...can I?
"Security is the backbone of any economy. We are ready to share our expertise with friendly countries like Bahrain," he added.
Great. Security is truely the backbone of any economy and so is stability and democracy and respecting human rights...stupid words which are alien to the authorities.
Mr Schily said German experts were providing training for Iraqi policemen in the UAE. "We may undertake such training programmes in Qatar and Bahrain in future," he added.
Mr Schily, who is also in charge of sports, met General Organisation for Youth and Sports president Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.
"I discussed with him the preparations made by Germany for hosting the international football championship next year," he noted.
"We hope to receive the Prime Minister and Shaikh Fawaz during the championship or for the league match in Germany later this year.
"Bahrain has a very good football team and we hope they will qualify for the finals."
No comment..He really knows how to rub it in. Football my foot!

Cry My Beloved Country III

This appeared in today's Gulf Daily News:

Please take a minute to consider the situation carefully: those morons are wasting the nation's money by thanking everyone and thanking each other instead of working on solving issues of concern to the people.

And I had thought that the Shura batch was better than the other troupe of clowns.

Here's the offending article:

"Speech sparks Shura row
A ROW erupted as the Shura Council celebrated the anniversary of the referendum on the National Action Charter yesterday.
The nation went to the polls on February 14, 2001 to vote overwhelmingly in favour of the charter, which heralded sweeping reforms.
Shura Council chairman Dr Faisal Al Mousawi gave a speech congratulating the leadership on the anniversary.
As soon as he finished, second vice-chairman Mansoor Bin Rajab wanted to thank the leadership on behalf of members, but member Khalid Al Maskati thought it was unnecessary and cut him short.
A verbal row then started between both members, who were backed by others in the council, on whether they needed the statement or not.
The row ended when Dr Al Mousawi decided that the speech could be used as a part of a communiqué congratulating the leadership, which would be issued immediately after the session.
The communiqué hopes that Bahrain's reforms will continue smoothly, with people united under one goal and that's the rise and development of the nation."