Cry My Beloved Country - Part II

This appeared in today's GDN..

"Bank robbery suspect freed
MANAMA: A man suspected of breaking into Shamil Bank's Riffa branch has been released for lack of evidence. He had been in police custody since his arrest last April.
New police investigations have shown the real suspect may still be on the run, the High Criminal Court heard yesterday.
"The suspect who shot his way into Shamil Bank is also the one who attempted to storm Riffa's Standard Chartered Bank last October, disguised as a woman," investigation directorate director Brigadier General Faroul Al Maawada said.
He also revealed that weapons and bullets used in both cases were of the same calibre.
The masked suspect fled with more than BD10,200 and 1,530 Saudi riyals from Shamil Bank."

Now those morons held this man in a prison cell since last April only to free him now due to lack of evidence ?

To add insult to injury, those morons are claiming that the real culprit is still at large.

Great... can those morons explain to us why this innocent man was in jail since April ?

Can he sue them for ruining his reputation and his life ?

I am really speechless.

Help !!

I desperately need to make heads out of tails of this corrupt system.