Bahraini Criminal Police

Here is another hilarious piece, this time from the Gulf Daily New's letter's page.

The reader is asking about what the police is doing, if not enhancing security and protecting people's safety.

The reader's questions are as follows:

"Crime clamp urged

WHERE are Bahrain's crime police?

Stabbed, beaten and tortured, armed raiders flee with coins, car wrecked in vandalism.

Are the Bahraini police just good at getting you for traffic offences? Who is getting the criminals?

I only see a lot of traffic police. How about increasing some more police in khaki or CID to fight crime in Bahrain? N Dias"

My answer is simple:

Bahrain's police are busy terrorising people and running their own businesses.

The Blind Leading the Blind !

This is another hilarious news item in today's Gulf Daily News:
With all my respect for Minister of Interior Shaikh Rashid, whom I have not met but heard "good" things about, I find his comments hilarious, to say the least.
Let me tell Shaikh Rashid a few words of wisdom:

Dear Shaikh Rashid,
How can the man whose ministry is administering terrorism against the people of Bahrain call for eradicating terrorism ?
The fight against terror should start at the Ministry of Interior's own backyard.
It is the very officers at the ministry who pose a threat to national security and are abusing the rights of law-abiding citizens.They are the ones who are a threat to stability and the security of people.

Dear Shaikh Rashid,
I know you have inherited a cess pit but it is your responsibility now to "clean" it up. You have sworn allegience to Bahrain and to fulfilling your responsibilities towards serving the people.
So far, we have not heard you address these issues. Your men in uniform continue to break all human rights and directly threaten people, their future and their livelihoods. They continue to ignore human rights and terrorise civilians.

Dear Shaikh Rashid,
The people of Bahrain no longer feel safe in Bahrain. The reign of terror continues. I realise that terrorism is a threat but there are different forms of terror : like that administered by your ministry against your own people.

A very disgruntled citizen whose rights have been stripped by the very authorities which should uphold it

Here is the offensive article:


KUWAIT CITY: Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa called yesterday for joint Gulf action to eradicate terrorism, which he said poses a threat to regional security.

He arrived here to express "solidarity with Kuwait", which was rocked by a series of gunfights with militants last month.

His visit would also "discuss boosting security co-operation in the fight against terror".

"We must all work to eradicate this danger before it spreads and grows in a way that harms the people and poses a threat to Gulf national security," said Shaikh Rashid.

He declared Bahrain's support for all measures to "eradicate these criminal actions and to confront jointly and firmly any attempt to undermine security and stability in our peaceful region".

He said Bahrain would propose at a counter-terrorism conference which opened in Riyadh yesterday the establishment of specialised national centres to confront terrorism in the GCC states.

Free the Judiciary !!

This appeared in today's Gulf Daily News:
The protest called for dismissing the General Prosecutor (!!!!) and for cleaning up the judiciary (!!!!)
It was a general call by women being treated with injustice by the very mechanisms available in any democratic and facist country to uphold and protect the rights of civilians.
If this is the general condition in Bahrain, how can an individual like Ahmed get any justice?

Protest against 'discrimination'

A CALL to dismiss the General Prosecutor went out from a women's organisation yesterday.

Women's Petition Committee members and supporters gathered outside the Justice Ministry in what they called a show of solidarity against discrimination.

They were supported by members from the dissolved Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) and the National Committee for The Support of Martyrs of Victims of Torture.

Women's Petition Committee president Ghada Jamsheer said that their main demand was the removal of the General Prosecutor.

"We also want judges who have passed the retirement age to be relieved from their duties and those who belong to extremist Islamic groups removed from their post," she said.

"We want the immediate removal of two Sharia judges in particular who took controversial decisions against women.

"We want a clean judiciary system where the right decision is taken without women's rights being neglected.

"It is time that the Personal Law (Family Law) was implemented, easing the suffering of many divorced women and their children and ensuring that judges follow the law, rather than taking random decisions."

Ms Jamsheer also called for a halt to Sharia judges issuing official marriage certificates at people's homes.

She said there should instead be a special office at the ministry, open 24-hours-a-day.

Human rights activist Abdulhadi Al Khawaja said that the General Prosecution has been established during the time of the reforms.

"It should represent the people not the government, but what is happening is that it speaks for the government," he said.

Women at the gathering collected signatures for a petition with a list of wishes women hope to be granted. A communiqué supported with a number of controversial court cases was also distributed.