Quiz Time 30

Today's questions are:

  • What are Ahmed's lawyers doing about pushing forward Ahmed's case for a fair and just trial at the unjust and corrupt Bahraini court system?
  • As far as I am aware, Ahmed has had three different lawyers since his arrest in May, 2004. Each of them was paid the agreed upon down payment and when the family lost hope and fate in their concern for the case, after repeatedly hearing that "this is how the court in Bahrain functions" from them, the case was moved to another lawyer.
  • Why are Bahraini lawyers so timid and afraid to question the justice of the justice authorities ?
  • Why are they (the lawyers I mean) such crooks ? Why do they lose interest in cases after they gobble up people's hard-earned money ? Why aren't they concerned about general justice and the conduct of the court ?
  • Why are they keeping quiet when they are fully aware about the atrocities being committed by the Ministries of Injustice and Torture and Humiliation Against the Aborignies - against the Bahraini people?
  • Why are they accepting people's money when the have sworn an oath to protect the rights of people and fight for their just causes and when they know that the battle cannot be won in such a corrupt place ?