Quiz Time 21

Boy! Oh Boy!

Just as I was almost about to run out of questions a Bahraini newspaper slaps me with this on the face on its front page today.

I am so excited I can't even sit back and flip through the other papers while I have my coffee.

The snippet in today's Gulf Daily News is:

"MPs may quiz minister

MANAMA: Justice Minister Jawad Al Arrayed may face questioning in parliament over allegations of mismanagement, sources said yesterday.

The Al Menbar Al Watani bloc of MPs have compiled a list of irregularities which they plan to submit to parliament after its February vacation, they said.

The National Audit Court has already found several financial and administration irregularities in the ministry's departments, they added."


Today's question is : What can a useless helpless parliament do to revamp the corrupt rat infested justice system in Bahrain? Why hasn't parliament considered for once to discuss the atrocities being committed by the system against people (citizens and especially foreigners who are bundled up and sent back to their countries), before they are even put on a just and fair trial? What have our honourable MPs got to lose if they stand up like men - for just once in their lives - and call a spade a spade? Why can't they stand up against corrupt authorities?