Freedom of Opinion Respected in Bahrain

Here's a snippet from today's GDN to brighten your day.

Please remain assured that you are not free to open your trap and let the frogs leap out when and should you choose.

Please remember that you are governed by draconian rules which make it impossible to reason things out...even when all that you have done is poured out your frustration to a PC.

You are kindly reminded to shut up as anything you say or write will end your life, career and tarnish your reputation forever.

This is yet another proof of our respect for the constitution (the NEW one), the UN Human Rights Charter (which should have an Arab version) and the Free Speech Act (huh?).

Here's the offending article:

'Hate website' man held
MANAMA: A suspect accused of inciting resentment against the government is being held in custody for 15 days pending investigation, the General Prosecution said last night.
He was arrested following a tip-off from the Information Ministry that a website, Bahrain Online, run by him was broadcasting news, pictures and information inciting hatred.
The suspect has admitted the charges as well as using a phone line registered in his sister's name.


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