Quiz Time 13

Today's question is a long long one:
How will Ahmed celebrate New Year's Eve? Where will he be? Sitting on his bunker bed in a roomful of heroin addicts or pacing up and down a trench-like corridor in his insect-infected smelly dirty cell? How will he reflect on his achievements over the year, eight months of which have been wasted in a cell waiting for access to a fair and just trial? What will his New Year's resolutions be? He was afterall framed for a crime he had nothing to do with. What will he feel towards a nation which has condemned him before allowing him to defend himself or say the truth? What has his two-week hunger-strike achieved? What difference does it make in a country where people stand up for human rights and justice just to promote themselves and score brownie points with or against the government? Why has Ahmed, who has had no previous offences, been singled out? What has he done to his captors?
Let's flip the coin now: Where will the drug cartels of Bahrain be? How will they celebrate their New Year? Will they sum up their achievements in terms of all the fallen men and women they have destroyed or will they sit back and count their money and spoils? Won't they be sitting face to face with the authorities protecting them popping bottles of bubbly, enjoying all that a corrupt system allows them to bask in? Will they be laughing at the misery of Ahmed and his family and the fact that they have tarnished the reputation of Bahrain, even in the eyes of its very loyal subjects? Those loyal idiots who should have known the truth from the beginning. Those stupid people who should have taken the law into their hands and shown some pussy power and got the rotting bastard out of his cell before it was too late.
What is a little indignity compared to Ahmed's plight since May 7, 2004?

Is the King listening?

2004 is almost gone, 2005 is almost here
Do we all hear the chimes of Freedom?
Why blame it all on the passing year
Or hope on the year which is almost here
When nations and people suffer
Under systems, regimes and rulers
Who are driven by greed for profits and Power
When the right hand chops off the left
And when the innocent seek justice in this life
How meaningful is a heavenly justice?
Heaven and Hell can wait forever
There has to be justice in here
In my country, in yours and in theirs
In this land we live, share and care...
When her kids are hungry and crying
Does a mother wait for any divine intervention?
There are people who are responsible for other lives
We all are responsible to one another - in many ways
Ahmed and many other prisoners seek justice
The King is responsible cause he can see
He is the father of the nation cause he can feel
There should be tears in his eyes, heaviness in his heart
When many of his sons are suffering in his own jails
Is the King listening to the heartbeat of his children?

When a citizen says that the country in which he lives in has no justice, decency or shame... it is an indictment on the state of affairs of the government/state/regime - and importantly of the hegemony a system holds over a people.

A people is only ready for responsible democracy when they start practising democratic values it in their personal lives.

Isn't Bahrain a nation torn between the extremes? For that matter most of the middle east is, ain't that so?

Justice is not something the government can give you on a silver platter. It is something that belongs to you - and one you must hold on to - and fight for - always.

A question: Is JUSTICE being done to girls and women in the present Bahraini society? Do they have equal rights - as it ought to be in a democracy? When mothers and sisters are denied justice in their own families... how to expect a nation to be Just?

The feudal state of mind of the Arabs have to change; only then, justice and decency is possible.

One thing I have noticed is - there are many Bahraini men who marry blue-eyed blondes.

Anonymous, Justine, SillyBahrainiGirl and others, here is a question to you:

Do Bahraini women have the freedom (like what men have) to marry a foreigner of their choice and faith and all that?

Charity doth begin at home, so does culture, decency and democracy.

It is not a Happy New Year for anyone.

History is going to judge the King - not for his riches or for filling up the sea - history will be kind to him - if he is kind towards his subjects.

The King/ruler has to be the protector - not the destroyer.

Is the King listening?