Quiz Time 10

Today's question is: Why are some prisoners treated better than others? Why are some prisoners more equal than others? Why is everything (including a phone call) banned on some prisoners and others are given free access to using the telephone?
Did you know that there are some prisoners in Bahrain who enjoy better status that the legendary Carlos the Jackal had?
I am specifically speaking about one prisoner in Bahrain's Adliya Guantanamo facility who was caught with ONE KILO of hash in his car after a police chase in May. This particular prisoner gets food deliveries in prison, visitation rights and his visitors park right inside the CID headquarters. During Ramadan his cell door was left open, he had access to television and had Iftar with his mother!!!
The prison authorities, the former head of the CID Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the top CID official Farooq Al Maawda and Shaikh Daij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, all know about the trespasses at the Adliya prison but have done nothing to stop it.
I wonder why...