Lying Scheming Highwaymen !!

Just as Silly Bahraini Girl had speculated all along.

The hunger-strike prisoners were abused at at hands of their captors and denied access to everything - even medical treatment in some cases.

Now that the hunger-strike is off, they have been allowed access to their families.

The liars at the CID even went as far as to claim that some of those being held without trial at the Adliya prison were not there when their families went to visit them over the past 10 days!!

Where would they have been I would like to challenge the authorities and ask?

Did they take them out for a round of tequilla shots at one of the Mexican restaurants down the road.

In addition to the solitary confinment and the mental torment they got, by knowing that they have no access to the outside world and that their families knew nothing about their conditions and whereabouts, they were put on constant pressure to end the strike as "it would not achieve anything."

True, it did not achieve much. All it did was show the world how shameless those government bodies are.

Many of the inmates needed urgent medical treatment and it was only the intervention of a certain Mr Al Khayat at the Manama Fortress that made the prisoners call off the strike on Wednesday.

It is said that he had promised them the sun and the moon and told them that their cases will be heard in a court of justice in Bahrain (hehehehe!!) soon.

This isn't hearsay. This is the truth. What the CID officials are sending out through their propoganda and their lying and scheming officials is that the "criminals" being held at Bahrain's Guantanamo Bay in Adliya are lying and making all this up!

"How can you trust and believe criminals and not us - men of the law," they lie.

Well those highwaymen better wake up and smell the macboos because everyone can see through their masks. Everyone knows who they are and their impeccable track of human rights abuse smacks you right in the face.

Does His Majesty King Hamad know that all the reforms he has initiated mean nothing in a kingdom still ruled by terror and fear and threats and blackmail and lack of justice and human rights?

Quiz Time 7

Merry Xmas everyone !

Today's question is: Why does it have to take a show down for the government to take heed of the demands of people? Why do people have to resort to mass demonstrations, loud noise and clamour and violence for the government to understand that the people of Bahrain have had it with double-standards and injustice? Why has the government ignored the plight of the inmates at Bahrain's Guantanamo Bay prison in Adliya, who have been held for months without trial and who are being abused at the hands of their captors? Why did their two-week hunger-strike not raise any eyebrows or questions from the powers that be? Did you know that the Ministry of Interior has lied all along and denied there was a hunger-strike? What are they covering up? Why don't they want to see justice being met? Who are they protecting? A lot of questions for one day?

Defending Criminals?

It is strange that so-called intellectuals in Bahrain are asking why should anyone defend criminals in speaking about the now former hunger-strike prisoners at Bahrain's Guantanamo Prison facility in Adliya.

I want to make it clear here that we are not defending criminals. We are only defending the right of those people to have access to a fast and just trial in a court of law. Why is it taking forever for those people to be charged and stand trial? What is wrong with our court system?

Also, those people are not only being denied justice. To add insult to injury, they are being subjected to untold horror at the hands of the authorities - the very same people who broke into people's homes in the villages of Bahrain and dragged out their sons and daughters in the mid-1990s putting them in jail just because they belong to a particular sect.

I don't want to make it an ethnic issue here, even though it is to a very large extent. For instance, if Ahmed was from a different sect and a very different ethnic background, then he would have spent a week in custody and then released on bail until he stands on trial. Because it was a first offence and he will promise the judge that he will never touch a joint again in his life, the judge would not only forgive him but perhaps even apologise to him for subjecting him to the indignity of being put in custody with the criminals from the other sect for a week.

This is a human rights issue. This is a case of justice denied. This is the way the judiciary and the police are working to terrorise people and keep the whole country under their thumb.

Wake up people. Who are you to judge whether people are criminals or not and based on who's words. That bunch of convicts at the the CID headquarters who should be put on trial for human rights violations throughout a reign of terror which we stupidly thought was over and behind our backs forever?

Who is the criminal now? A man denied justice or security officials who break human rights and terrorise and threaten people in custody and their families? Why can't our intellectuals confront this fact? Why can't they name and shame those people?

Why does the system continue to support and protect corrupt officials? Why are those officials patted on the back and thanked for their services to Bahrain when all they have done is smeared its reputation and caused horror and misery to its people?