Hunger Strike off

Hurray to justice in a kingdom which claims it is a democracy and maintains it upholds human rights!

The prisoners who have been held in custody for months awaiting trial have called off their hunger strike. They have bowed to pressure and none of their demands have been met.

They have just realised that there's no point crying for justice in a country which has gone deaf and dumb to human misery. They have just understood that making themselves sick will not bring them justice. They have just got the message that they cannot confront their captors and ask for justice because justice has no place in this country.

They have just woken up to the fact that this is a nation with no conscience and a country with no pride.

Bahrain, its authorities and its people are not ashamed that justice is a long long dream away.

I really do hope I am wrong. I really do wish I will have to bite my words and eat my humble pie. I am really hurt that the country I had so much pride and and much more hope in is being dragged down by a handful of shameless officials, who are the wrong people in the wrong place.

I wouldn't have dreamt in my worst nightmares that I would every dare say something like this about my country and the country of my parents and their parents and their grandparents in my life.

But when things exceed a certain limit and a person's dignity is stripped, then very little else matters.

Good night. Sweet dreams.


Waiting is the most difficult thing a person can suffer: especially when you don't know what injustice and misery will be awaiting you at the other end.

In a country where respect for human life is measured by which social and ethnic background the person waiting comes from, this person has no right to be impatient and ask the legitimate question of: when will I see justice.

Ahmed's family has not be allowed access to its one and only son since December 15. His captors have threatened him and the other inmates that if they continue with their strike, they will be cut off the world.

In another act of terrorism, the CID officials have stopped all visits and banned them from access to the telephone, which some inmates are allowed to and others are not.

The powers that be know about the atrocities being committed and are quiet. I wonder why?

Quiz Time 6

Today's question is: Why have Bahrain's human rights societies, political societies, MPs, Shura Council members, journalists and people with any conscience and respect for human life shyed away from the plight of the hunger strike prisoners? Why did the intellectuals and law makers of a country which claims it is a democracy not take a closer look at the atrocities being committed by the courts, public prosecution and the CID? What are they afraid of? What are they worried about? Why don't they get all the dead bodies out of the closet? what is wrong with calling a spade a spade? What is wrong with standing up for the basic right of any one arrested on any charges: a fair and swift trial? Are we asking for the impossible?