Caged like an Animal!

Ahmed, whose family has been denied access to him for a week now, has smuggled a letter to his loved ones.

The letter was given to his sisters a few hours ago through the family of another prisoner, who were allowed to see their son today.

The letter, scribbled on the sides of a piece of paper from a magazine, sums up Ahmed's plight.

He says they are being treated in an inhumane way, being denied visits (which we figured out anyway) and being denied making phone calls to their families (which they were allowed on an arbitrary basis before).

Ahmed also says that there is discrimination in the treatment of prisoners... that some prisoners are more equal than other prisoners.

In it he writes: "If we are being held for investigation, the investigation is over. There is no investigation going on .. only human beings caged like animals.
"Who else is listening to our plight other than Allah?"

I just wish this letter doesn't get to his mother. I just wish his wife doesn't get to see it. I am glad his two children are too young to read, too young to see injustice and feel the pain their father is going through at the hands of the authorities who have appointed themselves judge and jury for a man who was too naive and took things at face value.

I will try to scan it, post it and translate it tonight. It really is a shame.

Where are the human rights groups?

Where are all the hypocrites and liars of Bahrain?

Where are the men at this time of grief and need?

I think I should follow Ahmed's advise, and pray to God only. He is the saviour at this hour of need.

Who Are We Kidding?

Hats off to the Interior Ministry’s Criminal Investigation Department for seizing 350 kilograms of hashish in November.

According to newspaper reports, a gang of six was arrested in the police undercover operation.

What now? Those six will rot in jail and Bahrain’s drug problem will be solved overnight.

Are people stupid enough to believe that there are six people only behind smuggling 350kg of hashish into Bahrain?

Well as far as I know, police don’t need to go undercover in Bahrain to find out where drug dens are, who deals with them and where they come from.

Drug addicts, dealers and peddlers are everywhere.

It was only this year that after three decades of existence that I, yes me, realised that smuggling hashish was punishable by death in Bahrain.

It is so common to hear of people using it and smoking it here that the naïve me thought it was actually sanctioned by the law.

Considering the high number of high-class people I saw smoking the banned narcotic, I would have even been stupid enough to have thought that, perhaps, it was even encouraged by the law.

Who is the Interior Ministry kidding when it claims that it is stepping up the war on drug abuse?

What it really is doing is catching the small fish and leaving the Hamoors unbothered, enjoying lavish lives extracted from the blood of young men and women who have been sacrificed by the system to show that a law is being implemented in some form.

If the Interior Ministry is serious about arresting and punishing drug peddlers and smugglers, then they should catch the drug cartels, those who have made millions by destroying the lives and futures of promising Bahraini men and women.

If the Interior Ministry really wanted to fight drug abuse, then it could start by rehabilitating people who have fallen prey to this habit and treating them for the disease they have contracted because of a handful of mercenaries, who don’t fear God or the authorities and continue to trade in drugs.

If the Interior Ministry doesn’t know where the drug dealers are, then they can give me a call, and I will take them around Bahrain’s neighbourhoods, towns and villages.

They should come around my neighbourhood in Isa Town, for example, and there I can show them the addicts, one by one.

You see them staggering back home and sitting on the pavements, right next to the road, waiting for their next fix.

Why is youth wasted in such a manner and who is responsible for this?

Correct me if I am wrong to say that Bahrain, thanks to its small size, has one of the top security systems in the world.

How did 350kg of drugs enter Bahrain? Who is behind such operations? Why are youth being targeted and who reaps the fruit of all the lost life and suffering those people and their families go through?

I strongly feel that the Interior Ministry is not doing its job properly in fighting crime.

350kg of hashish is no joke.

If a few grammes can land people in jail and destroy their future, you want to tell me that whoever challenged the authorities and smuggled in 350kg was not supported and did not know he would get away with it?