Quiz Time 1

Introducing a nightly quiz on the Free Ahmed Blog from tonight.

The winner should answer all questions correctly to claim a prize.

The quiz will continue for as long as there is injustice and atrocitities being committed against the Bahraini Aborigines (natives).

Tonight's question is: How many judges in Bahrain's courts drive under the influence of alcohol? Has anyone of them ever been caught? Can they be charged? Are they above the law? Do they undergo alcohol testing? Do they pass judgements and sentences over violating drivers?

Thank you.

Four Exhausting Days and Sleepless Nights

Four exhausting days and sleepless nights is what the families of the hunger strike prisoners have gone through while Bahrain celebrates its National Day.

I want to make it clear that I am not supporting criminals here. Yes, many people would say that those people committed drug-related crimes. I agree, many of them have.

People are asking me why am I taking this crusade personally. I just can't keep quiet for longer. I know that there is grave injustice being committed and the least we can do is document it.

Those people are awaiting trial in gross inhumane conditions. They are being treated like criminals before they have even been convicted. They are being punished before a sentence has been passed on them at the court of the law. Their families are being made to suffer.

How can you explain a mother whose son have been held by the authorities for this long awaiting justice that it is a "normal procedure"?

What do you tell a child asking to see his father?

Nine months to wait for a trial?

Is this just at a time Bahrain shows the whole world that it is a democracy?

When will the judiciary system be reformed?

This incident is the tip of the iceberg.

For those prisoners to defy the very authorities who are holding them captive just to terrorise them and show them that they are still in control of people's fates, is an act of bravey.

I salute each and every one of them -- even the criminals amongst them. Because even those who have committed crimes deserve a fair trial.

What do the rational people out there think? Please tell me for I can't see light at the end of this tunnel.

Terrorism Continues

There is no news.

As Bahrain celebrates its National Day, hundreds of Bahrainis are locked outside the CID headquarters in Adliya, Manama, worried sick about the fate of their sons.

The four-day holiday (Thursday to Sunday) has meant that there is no news from inside.

As far as the families know, the hunger strike had continued.

As far as we know, the terrorism against those Bahrainis will go on until a political decision is made.

They show the new face of the type of terror exerted by the authorities on the people.

People may not be thrown in jail for their politicial opinions anymore (except for Khawajah), but the war on the Bahraini Aborigines continues.

Are those 75 on hunger strike awaiting justice all criminals?

Have they been subjected to a fair trial?

Are they the only ones involved in Bahrain's roaring drug business?

Hope the government and other people of Bahrain celebrated National Day. Best wishes Bahrain for a prosperous future in which people are treated with humanity and justice and equality and all the other empty words that have a meaning in a dictionary only.